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Bay of Islands Animal Rescue - Dog rescue, rehoming and adoption.

Animal rescue & rehoming

‘Never Ending Story’ had been an animal rescue movement since 2007 when its founder moved to the Bay of Islands. Here she and a group of passionate, like-minded people saw the need to make a difference. They joined together to rescue and re-home animals and, in early 2017, formed Bay of Islands Animal Rescue Trust CC56296 covering all of Northland. The charity re-homes, adopts, fosters and transports an overwhelming number of animals each day including cats, horses, sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, chickens and even rabbits. The organisation still has a huge focus on dogs with an estimated 1500+ expected to be saved by our team each year.

We are proud to say we now have a voluntary team of professionals including highly experienced vets, lawyers, marketers, chartered accountants and website and social media experts working alongside BOIAR, helping us make a difference to thousands of animals lives.

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue will do its best to ensure no healthy dog is ever put down, but we need your help… Any donations, no matter how small, go a long way to helping our work.  Donations can be made direct to our Westpac bank account or by credit card through our donate button.

Bank: Westpac
Name: Bay of Islands Animal Rescue Trust
Account: 03-0351-0024370-000

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue - Dog rescue, rehoming and adoption.

Latest news

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue has received a wonderful response from the public to our appeals for donations of food, bedding, toys and money – Thank you all so much!

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What people are saying…

“The Humane Society of NZ Inc. began as a registered charity in 1975. We believe the single most important tool in the effort to deal with unwanted animals is the prevention of indiscriminate breeding. It is our absolute belief that all pets be desexed.

We are happy to be financially assisting Bay of Islands Animal Rescue with the cost of desexing stray and unwanted, friendly, healthy animals prior to them going to their forever homes. As volunteers, we know how much effort and hard work goes into the rescue and rehabilitation of all animals, and we applaud them for responsibly making the decision to only rehome animals who are desexed.”

The Humane Society of NZJill, Vice President, The Humane Society of New Zealand
Bay of Islands Animal Rescue dog adoptions

“We have been fortunate enough to be working with, and calling upon, Bay of Islands Animal Rescue for the past two years and are constantly blown away by their overwhelming love and compassion for all animals. You guys are awesome!”

Bay of Islands VetsBay of Islands Vets

“Paw Justice has a zero tolerance attitude towards animal abuse. It works with the community and like minded groups such as Bay of Islands Animal Rescue to reduce animal abuse and cruelty.”

Paw JusticeCraig, Paw Justice

“Ask yourself this question… ‘How often can I save a life or really make a difference?’ I support Bay of Islands Animal Rescue because they make a difference, they save lives and they give these animals a second chance.”

Lucie Green - GreenWeb LtdLucie, GreenWeb Ltd

Not Just Dogs

We have lots of animals that need a forever home – could you give one a second chance?

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