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Bay of Islands Animal Rescue - Dog rescue, rehoming and adoption.

Who are BOIAR?

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue is a rescue and rehoming charity. We are staffed by volunteers and we run purely on donations and fundraising.

We are lucky enough to have amazing support from the community who donate time, materials and money.

BOIAR is a non-profit organization and our members donate their time and energy for their love of animals.

What we do

We work with all domestic animals and do our best to find unwanted animals loving homes. We are big on de-sexing and trying to reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies, kittens etc. being born each year.

We also aim to educate owners in how to care for and look after their animals properly. We are happy to offer practical support, basic training and advice to help them care for their animals.

  • We are trying to stop unnecessary euthaniser.

  • We will do our best to find unwanted animals loving new homes.

  • Each animal will stay in our care until he\she is ready to be re-homed.

  • All animals will be re-homed to suitable homes only.

  • We will provide all our animals with a safe living environment.

  • Good behaviour and obedience skills will be taught and encouraged.

  • We will advise and support owners to help them care for their animals.

We’re here to help

Although we are not a drop off centre, and we run purely on the amazing support of our communities, if you have an animal you can’t care for please speak to us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Every animal deserves to be happy, healthy and loved.


Forever Homes Needed

Not Just Dogs

We have lots of animals that need a forever home – could you give one a second chance?

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