Fostering Contract

Fostering an animal is a big but rewarding commitment. Our fostering contract is in place between the Bay of Islands Animal Rescue and the fosterer to ensure expectations from both parties are being met.

It is designed to clarify guidelines and ensure there is an understanding of what is involved when volunteering to foster for the Bay of Islands Animal Rescue (BOIAR).

If you would like to become an animal foster for BOIAR please either download and complete the pdf version of the form – by clicking here. Or complete the digital version of the form below:

Before you submit your application, please carefully read our terms and conditions.

You agree to the following when submitting your application to foster:
1. The animal(s) shall remain the sole property of the BOIAR and shall be returned to the BOIAR upon request, or if I am no longer able to adequately care for them.
2. Should the BOIAR be concerned about the treatment or care of the fostered animals they will be removed from my possession. I accept the BOIAR may wish to inspect my property at any time.
3. I agree to transport the fostered animals to the BOIAR when required including attending veterinary appointments.
4. I understand that I do not have any right or authority to keep or place foster animal(s) in other homes or with other individuals. All arrangements must have the prior approval of, and be made through the foster coordinator or other BOIAR staff.
5. I agree to follow all medical and other care instructions for any animal(s) I foster through the BOIAR.
6. I understand I must make arrangements with the foster coordinator before bringing the fostered animal(s) in for treatment or to be returned.
7. I understand that in the event of illness or medical treatment needed for my foster animal(s), a BOIAR approved veterinarian must be used, unless agreed to by the BOIAR.
8. I understand that in some circumstances the BOIAR may decide that euthanasia is necessary. I understand that this decision is never made easily and I agree to abide by this decision once made.
9. I understand that animals may be unpredictable and, at times, may present a risk to health and safety. I accept that while an animal is in my care, the BOIAR is not able to control the behaviour of a foster animal and may cause damage to vehicles and property
10. I agree that the BOIAR does not have any liability for the safety or roadworthiness of my vehicle while I transport foster animal(s) in my private vehicle and I do so at my own risk.
11. I agree not to publish any photos or other information on the BOIAR foster animals on Facebook or other forms of social media, including websites.
12. I agree to return any food, supplies and equipment to the BOIAR on completion of fostering.
13. This contract will remain in force while I am fostering animals on behalf of the BOIAR and it may be revoked at any time by either party.
14. I understand that the return of foster animals is dependent upon space available at the BOIAR and that sometimes there may be delays in being able to return the animals to the BOIAR due to a shortage of space.
15. I am aware that BOIAR will cover all reasonable costs associated with the animal(s) I am fostering, including food, parasite control, vaccinations and toileting materials where required.
16. I am aware that BOIAR will not cover costs related to my personally owned animals and I will not use product provided by the BOIAR for use on my owned animals without specific prior consent being given from the foster coordinator or other BOIAR staff.

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