Make a donation

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue is a registered charitable trust CC56296) in terms of the Charities Act 2005. Therefore donations of $5 or more from an individual are eligible (if they meet the conditions) for a tax credit of up to 33%, up to the level of your annual net income.

Companies are able to claim a tax deduction for donations up to the level of their annual net income. If you make a direct deposit/bank transfer, please email or write to us with your contact details so that we can track the donation and provide you with a receipt.

Please note we can only issue you with a tax receipt if the funds are deposited into Bay of Islands Animal Rescue Trust Westpac Bank Account below.

Bank: Westpac
Name: Bay of Islands Animal Rescue Trust
Account: 03-0351-0024370-000
Particulars: Your Name
Code: The Purpose/recipient
Reference: Your phone number
Bay of Islands Animal Rescue Trust – CC56296

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue - Dog rescue, rehoming and adoption.

Any amount you can afford, no matter how small, will help us rescue and care for unwanted pets across the Bay of Islands area.

If you’d prefer not to donate money we are always grateful to receive donations of dog and cat food, bowls, blankets, bedding and towels and any other items which could be used to help us care for the animals.

We have various drop off points around the area and we can collect larger items from you if need be. Please contact us for details of your nearest drop off and thank you for your support.

Become a foster carer

Would you like a pet but are not in a position to give long term commitment?

Do you have a spare room you could offer a needy cat or time to devote to cheering up an unhappy dog?

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue is looking for committed people who can offer short term care to needy pets in their own homes.

If you’re interested in becoming an animal foster please click here to complete our fostering contract or download our Fostering Contract complete it and email to

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue - Dog rescue, rehoming and adoption.

What we are looking for:

  • Experience of handling and caring for pets
  • You need to live within an hour of the central Bay of Islands and have use of suitable transport
  • A spare room if fostering cats, a garden is beneficial if fostering dogs
  • Willingness to learn and follow Bay of Islands Animal Rescue procedures
  • Competent, flexible and self-motivated
  • Above all to be kind and patient

What you will be doing:

  • Caring for Bay of Islands Animal Rescue pets in your own home until they can be rehomed.
  • Pets might need special care because they are recuperating from operations or too young to rehome yet.
  • You may also be asked (or offer) to foster pregnant females or mums with new litters.
  • You will be providing all the care they need by feeding, exercising, cleaning, socialising, giving medication and grooming.
  • Most of all don’t worry, we will provide food, materials and support if needed.

If you would like to know more please click here.