Our rehoming process

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What happens after a rescue?

Our team takes unwanted and abandoned animals into our homes and hearts. They are accessed by a vet and given treatment as required. We also temperament test each animal to see what areas may need working on and start training where needed.

Once they’re ready they’ll move onto foster homes where they can further their rehabilitation, gaining weight and condition and be able to continue training until they are ready to be made available for adoption.

Some animals can be rehomed quite quickly while others take longer to be rehabilitated but we always do our best to find suitable long-term homes for all the animals we work with.

When we consider the animals are ready for adoption we then begin the process of finding homes that suit their needs and personalities. We do our very best to make sure they are fully prepared to go to their new homes healthy, confident and happy.

Are you ready to offer a forever home?

  • Firstly have a look at our pets currently available for adoption

  • When you see one that you think is right for you, click on the listing and have a through their description.
  • Next fill in the Re-homing Enquiry Form and press the submit button at the bottom of the form. This will send us an email. We look at all the completed submissions sent to us on a first come, first served basis until we find a potentially suitable match for the animal. We find this is the fairest way to find pets a new home.

  • If the animal is still available and we think you could be a good match, we will contact you to have a chat and tell you more about them, and then we’ll invite you to meet them.
  • Depending on the pet, you may need to visit them a few times so you can get to know each other. In most cases we arrange a trail period for both you and the animal to settle in.

What does it cost?

We ensure that all the animals we rehome are de-sexed, vaccinated, treated for parasites and are in good health. We do charge a rehoming fee to help us recoup part of the cost, though by no means does it cover the full cost so we are always delighted to receive donations no matter how small.

We ask you to pay a fee towards the cost of your pet’s care during their stay with us. The fees vary depending on the type of pet but here’s a guide to help:

  • Dog, (adult or puppy) $350
  • Cat or Kitten: $120

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes you will need to sign an agreement with Bay of Islands Animal Rescue. Please click here to read / download our Adoption Contract

Do animals have to be desexed?

YES! All the animals we rehome regardless of species will be de-sexed before being rehomed. In the case of dogs they will also be micro chipped and registered.

What if I live in a rental?

This is up to you and your landlord, we will not refuse to rehome an animal with you because you don’t own your own home,  however we will need to see evidence of permission to keep a pet in your home prior to taking your new pet home.

What if I don’t have a fenced section?

In an ideal world we would all have fully fenced sections but we understand that isn’t always possible. Most animals can be trained to ‘stay put’ with time and we are happy to work with you to achieve that goal. For example we have helped new owners build puppy areas within their properties to help give them a secure location for their new family member while they learn the boundaries.

We’re here to help

When you take your new pet home, that’s not the end of the journey for us. We offer ongoing advice and follow up checks. If you feel you need help or have any questions or concerns remember contact us, we are here to help.


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