Bay of Islands Animal Rescue - Dog rescue, rehoming and adoption.

Sponsor a pet

At Bay of Islands Animal Rescue, we do our very best to match unwanted and abandoned pets with new owners.

We give them all the love, care and attention they need and do our best to make them feel safe and comfortable but there is no substitute for being part of a family in a loving home.

Being a sponsor means you are giving vital funds to help to care for homeless and unwanted pets until we find them a new home.

We also have some animals which for a number of reasons can’t be rehomed and you will live out their days with the Bay of Islands Animal Rescue team.

When you become a sponsor, your monthly gift will help fund the shelter, food, and veterinary care for dogs and cats that have nowhere else to go.

How pet sponsorship works

  • Choose your pet – Choose an animal you’d like to sponsor and a monthly amount.
  • Stay in touch – Receive a photo certificate and monthly email updates from your pet.
  • Help another pet – Once your pet has been rehomed don’t forget you can choose another pet to help.

We have developed pet sponsorship in a way that keeps the print costs as low as possible which means that your sponsorship information and pet profile will be emailed to you. This means that more of your generous gifts can be used to help care for abandoned and unwanted pets until we can find them the new homes they deserve.

Bay of Islands Animal Rescue - Dog rescue, rehoming and adoption.

Give a gift that will change a life – Only $10 per month!

Sponsorship is a great way to help unwanted and abandoned pets. Our pet sponsorship also makes the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.

For only $2.50 per week you can have that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you are directly helping your rescue animal get everything they need as they prepare for life as family pets.

If you’d like to sponsor an animal yourself or as a gift for someone else please choose one of the animals below and then contact us.