Why rehome?

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The benefits of rehoming

When you rehome a rescued pet, you’ll give an abandoned or unwanted animal the chance of a happy future – you are literally saiving a life. But there are other benefits too.

Many studies have shown that a having pet can elongate your life, whilst improving your overall happiness and health.

Children can be taught empathy and valuable life skills through pet ownership, such as the importance of maintaining responsibilities.

Receiving an animals company and love raises your self-esteem because of the affection they show you and we believe that animals know when they have been rescued, so the bond between you and your rehomed pet will be even stronger.

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Peace of mind

All animals that Bay of Islands Animal Rescue rehome are vet checked and are examined by a vet, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flead and desexed (please note, we don’t neuter all species).

Personal approach to rehoming

We’ll work hard to find a pet that’s the right match for you and your lifestyle so that you have a happy future together. Our rehoming team looks at each case individually to help you find the right pet. We don’t have any fixed rules about what makes the perfect home because we know every pet and their needs are different.

Ongoing advice and support

We offer ongoing advice when you need some support and will continue to check in with you from time to time to make sure things are going well.

Adopt a pet

Please look through our current pets waiting for new homes to find a pet you think is right for you. Each listing as an enquiry form, please simply complete the form and the information you enter will be sent to our team and we will contact you shortly.

Not Just Dogs

We have lots of animals that need a forever home – could you give one a second chance?

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